“To be the pioneer in creating a facilitated and prosperous plantation community”


“Improving the living standards of the plantation community through community participation and state intervention and ensuring their socio-economic development including habitats with basic amenities, primary education and health facilities, and livelihood”

Thrust Areas

  • Plantation Housing Development
  • Social Infrastructure Development
  • Economic Infrastructure Development
  • Livelihood Improvement


Main Functions of the Ministry

  • Establishment of new villages / townships, providing houses and infrastructure facilities for the betterment of the landless people who occupied in row line rooms and working at state and private plantation companies.
  • Implementation of projects which enhance livelihood and employment opportunities to empower the estate plantation communities.
  • Providing basic facilities and other requirements to uplift the estate community economically, socially and culturally.
  • Development of Infrastructure facilities in the rural plantation sector.


Functions Gazetted under Gazette Extra ordinary No 1896/28 on January 10, 2015 is as follows;

  • Formulation of policies, programmes and projects in regard to the subjects of Estate Infrastructure Development and all subjects that come under the purview of the Institutions listed in column II.
  • Socio economic development of estate communities
  • Implementation of projects for the improvement of livelihood & basic facilities for the empowerment of rural estate communities.
  • Development of Infrastructure facilities for rural estate sector.
  • All other subjects that coming under the purview of the following institutions.
    1. Rural Community Development (Youth Empowerment) Project
    2. Estate Sector Self – employment Revolving Fund
    3. Plantation Human Development Trust
  • Supervision of the above mentioned institutions

Since the establishment of Theekshana, it had contributed significantly to the national development of Sri Lanka through several important Software Development Projects such as the Development of Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for the department of Police, System for University Admissions for University Grant Commission, Online efiling System for Fundamental Rights of Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, Birth, Marriage and Death Issuance System for Government of Sri Lanka etc. As mentioned previously that Theekshana harnesses expertise and experience UCSC possesses through its long history of 21 years in Computing in Sri Lanka and it is in addition to the experience Theekshana had acquired through some of its unique projects which were rolled out during the last 10 years in its existence as a technology pioneer and trendsetter in Sri Lanka.