Thondaman Vocational Training Center (TVTC) in Pool Bank- Hatton

Institutions come under the Soumyamoorthi Thondaman Memorial Foundation


Thondaman Vocational Training Centre in Pool Bank – Hatton, Sports Complex in Norwood, Cultural Centre in Ramboda and Prajasakthi Centers which were come under the Saumyamoorthi Thondaman Foundation, have been vested under the direct supervision of this Ministry with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers effecting from 20.07.2016.

Thondaman Vocational Training Center (TVTC) in Pool Bank- Hatton

The management of the TVTC was handed over by the Vocational Training Authority to the Saumyamoorthi Thondaman Memorial Foundation in March 2007. The High Commission of India in Sri Lanka arranged seven (07) expert instructors from India to conduct training programmes at this centre at no cost to the Foundation. Now the number of instructors has reduced to four (04). They are assisted by local instructors for certain courses. Due to the financial constrains faced during last year,the Thondaman Foundation was faced many difficulties in conducting courses in regular basis. It was recovered and recommenced the courses in 2016, after receiving funds from the Ministry. Accordingly, steps have been taken to recommence the courses on 10th of March 2016 with the registration of 252 numbers of students so far, for various courses. Four months (March – June) period of training have been completed by 59 number of students and 44 out of them were received on the job training.

After two years, 457 students who completed their training in 2013 & 2014 were awarded certificates on 29 April 2016.

The TVTC is involved in conducting special classes for students to provide additional knowledge. Arrangements have been made by this institution to conduct Tamil medium classes for students who follow Engineering Technology which is a new subject introduced in G.C.E Advance level (AL). Students who come from various places i.e Norwood, Kotagala, Badulla, Matale, and Pussellwa attend these classes and get benefitted. A student at GCE AL in Norwood Tamil Maha Vidyalaya who attended the special class in this institution had obtained the first place in the District, can be stated as a special event. Many students in vicinity are also directed to this institution to improve their knowledge on science and technology.

Skills Development and Vocational Training

Vocational Training programme is implemented through the Thondaman Vocational Training Centre and Prajashakthi project which come under the purview of this Ministry, with the objective of providing necessary guidance and training for school levers and unskilled labourers in plantation areas, to direct them to find out suitable employments for improving their livelihood. The Ministry has allocated Rs 103 Mn. in year 2016, for the improvement of the technical facilities, human resources and the quality of training courses of the Thondaman Vocational Training Centre (TVTC). Though the TVTC was listed under the Ministry in September 2015, due to the financial constrains faced & changes of Ministries, the training Courses conducted by this institution have been suspended in 2015 and utilized funds to pay salaries of the employees. For this purpose, Rs 76 Mn. has been spent up to September 2016. All the training courses have re-commenced in 2016 and 135 students follow training courses at present.