Livelihood Development Programmes

Awareness Programme

The areas which have been given special attention in NPA, to be improved, are the health & nutrition, skill development & vocational training and community empowerment (women, youth). In order to improve these areas, a number of programs such as awareness, technology and training, provision of equipment and facilities including social empowerment are being carried out by this Ministry. In line with the NPA, other relevant Ministries also implement special projects identified under each and every sector to uplift the plantation community in coordinating with this Ministry. Some programs are conducted by the PHDT.

Home Gardening and Food Security

With the objective of enhancing the nutritional status of the plantation community, they were promoted to engage in home gardening surrounding their newly constructed houses, minimizing the use of chemicals while conserving the environment. Under this program, they were equipped with necessary knowledge & provided planting materials, seeds and equipment. These programs are implemented based on the requirement of the community through Regional Plantation Companies; Ministry has allocated Rs.5 Million for year 2016 for this purpose and spent Rs. 1.6 Million by 30th September 2016.

Self-Employment Opportunities

With the objective of improving the livelihood of the Plantation Community, the Revolving Fund which was inactive for longer period of time, was re- activated by the Ministry & came to an agreement with the Bank of Ceylon to provide loan facilities for the plantation community to commenceself – employments. As an initial step, 16 numbers of beneficiaries were selected from NuwaraEliya and Hatton regions & Rs. 100,000.00 per each was given on 04.08.2016 as a loan to commence self employments such as poultry, dress making, computer repairs and farming purposes etc. Additional loan facilities will be given by the Bank of Ceylon to improve their self employments while providing training facilities through the relevant institutions.

Selection of second batch of beneficiaries is in progress for the expansion of this programme.