World Bank Asisted Projects (Progress as at 30th Sep. 2016)

Early Childhood Development Programme

Under the World Bank assistance, the Ministry has commenced a Five-year project on Early Childhood Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs. Its total investment is US $ 10 Million. Under this project, it is expected to improve qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of child development activities of 3-5 years children in the plantation areas. The project will be ended in 2020.

Under this project, the number of new CDCs to be constructed is 140 with building, playground & equipment, CDCs to be upgraded is 175, Construction of new play areas with equipment is 175 and renovation of existing play areas with equipment is 210 including training for preschool teachers and assistant teachers and awareness programmes for parents.

In 2016, initial steps have been taken to construct 28 new Child Development Centres and upgrade 35 existing Centres including the construction of 42 play areas in seven plantation regions. In addition, 206 number of Child Development Officers were trained under this project. For the first time, a census is also been carried out in collaboration with the Department of Census and Statics to obtain information on pre-school teachers and Child Development Centres.

Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project

With the World Bank assistance, steps have been taken by the Ministry through the PHDT, to commence 130 number of water supply projects targeting 15,800 households and to construct latrines targeting 7,300 households in selected areas of Nuwara Eliya and Hatton. The total estimated cost of the project is US $ 14 million and will be ended in 2020.

During the 1st phase of the project, commenced in 2016, 35 number of water supply projects are being implemented benefitting 9,740 households in Nuwara Eliya, Hatton and Kandy regions. At present, the feasibility studies have already been completed while surveying is in progress. Initial activities were commenced for the construction of latrines.